Story/ScreenPlay: Shiraz Khan

Director: Shiraz Khan

Producer: Shiraz Khan

Editor & FX: Oliver Goater

D.O.P: Xian Dong/Waqar Iqbal

Sound Mixing: Xian Dong

Colour Grading: Xian Dong

Floor Assistant: Amy Lane, Hasan Javaid

Principal Cast:

                                Shiraz Khan           Alissa Cristie              Tessa Hart

                           as Jay Desouza           as Lisa Solly                as Shelley                      

(Top)          Lee                                  Kingsley Pilgrim               Jerry Anderson                                                   

          The Sports Writer                          as Gary Mole               as James Matthews                     

                                                           Asst Editor in Chief           Editor in Chief    

(Bottom) Chelsea  Fitzpatrick                Liam Macdonald               Rich Goss

              as Layla                                          as George  Best            as Melvin Banks

            PA to Editor in Chief                     Science Writer                Arts Writer

 (C/W) Gideon Raeburn   Claire Glibbery  Phoenix James   Tom Swacha    Holly Anne

                       as Dan              as Clara                 as Pat            as Tom            as Fiona

                                             Our great Featured and Supporting Artists