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                     I am Cursed Premiere's in London on 4th June 2014

I am Cursed been sent to Film Festivals around the world - 2014

March 2013

I am Cursed is now in the latter part of Post Production. Tentatively release is planned for April 2013.

1st August 2012

I am Cursed just had a fabulous review written about it. Read it here

News: July 2012

I am Cursed is now in post production. Expected completion is Nov 2012. Watch this space for further updates. In the meanwhile enjoy our Trailer, teaser and the Music Video

Previous Shoot News -May2011

Despite delays and set backs principal shooting for I am Cursed has been continuing in May and June 2011. There are two further shoots planned on the 18th and 25th of June to cover all the scenes in the Office setup.

Windsor Shoot:

A shoot in Windsor took place on the 2nd of June 2011. This shoot involved Shiraz and Alissa only. Windsor as a backdrop was captured beautifully. Some very important and poignant scenes were filmed on the day revealing insight into the Lead's character. But it wasn't all serious stuff though there was plenty of fun as well.

Office Shoot-18th June 2011

Another successful shoot took place on the 18th June 2011. The usual cast Shiraz, Alissa, Kingsley and Xian were joined by two new members Jerry Anderson (playing the Chief Editor) and Tessa Hart  (playing Shelley). Everyone worked well together and a fun filled day of filming was done. Taking the team ever closer to complete the film's shooting.

A special mention needs to be given to Mrs Jerry Anderson who helped out on the day too.

Office Shoot-25th June 2011

The final Office shoot took place on the 25th June 2011. Once again last week's  cast Shiraz, Alissa,  Xian, Jerry Anderson and Tessa Hart were pressed into action. They were joined by another cast member Chelsea Fitz (playing Layla).

Final scenes were shot along side some fun montages. Best of which was celebrating the birthday of the Lead character Jay. The day was finished with the eating of the most wonderful Chocolate cake one can have!

Who says one can't have their cake and eat it!!


Charity Event shoot-2nd July

The Charity/Hotel event scene planned for the 2nd July 2011 took place. In this scene the lead characters were sent to charm some Financiers with hilarious results. This shoot was great fun for everyone involved and a well done to everyone for making the shoot so enjoyable.



 Meeting the Uncle Scene - 16th July 2011 (photos above)

A key scene was shot on the weekend where Lisa meets the uncle of Jay. This scene will answer a lot of questions raised in the minds of the audiences. The key scenes were very emotionally charged. The audience will not look at Jay the same way after this.